A demanding 3-day management development program targeted towards the Middle Management


Learning Objective  – During this management development program, the participants will: 

- Learn to develop the right attitude and approach to managing people.

- Be able to assess their own and others’ behavioral style and develop skills to manage people, taking  into consideration their behavioral style, strengths and weaknesses.

- Obtain comprehensive communication and negotiation skills.

- Acquire knowledge of the most relevant tasks in people management.


Target Audience  – The program is most suitable for:

- Recently appointed managers who require a ‘tool kit’ for managing people.

- More experienced managers who wish to re-sharpen or update their skills or had no relevant training of late.

- Executives identified for promotion to a managerial position.


Course Modules

Attitude1st - The module identifies the correct attitude as the key leadership trait to success. The three dimensions of the Attitude1stconcept are the importance of feeling in charge, being responsible, and taking goal-oriented action.

This ‘key-success-factor’ is put in context with facing the most common adversities at the work environment and developing a business relationship; lastly embedding the importance of integrity in order to make the leadership module complete.

Goal-Setting - Learn about the astonishing benefits of goal setting and an efficient way of implementation. (Read up material only)

Behavioral Style  - Recognize behavioral styles in others and self. Realize the strengths and possible limitations of each style. Learn to apply to any business relationship for increased understanding and success.

Each participant will receive a 20+ page personalized behavioral style analysis with valuable recommendations for further success.

Communication  - Learn the essentials of good communication such as good listening skills, evaluating information, holding constructive discussions of different viewpoints, and ‘how to get your point across’. Learn how to tackle cultural differences. Acquire the knowledge on how to read and deal with body language.

Each participant will undergo a communication test allowing him/herself to identify own strengths and areas of improvement.

Negotiations  - Understand negotiation strategy options including benefits and drawbacks, and the power factors involved. Master to prepare well for a negotiation and the implementation of strategies including many tips on how to negotiate successfully

Managing Conflict - Understand the requirements on how to be a good conflict manager.Learn and practice techniques to resolve conflicts.

Motivation  - Understand – based on local research – what motivates staff and how to build a motivational work environment. Develop team spirit and comprehend the role as team manager.

Delegation – Learn the correct system of delegation. (Read-up material only)

Coaching - Managers will learn how their own behavior affects their staff performance. Understand a comprehensive approach to coaching including, reprimanding, praising, holding a coaching session, goal setting and effective performance reviews.

Boss Relationship - Learn methods on how to maintain or build an effective relationship with your supervisor.

Interviewing Skills  - Acquire in-depth knowledge on interviewing skills, how to encourage the interviewee to talk freely, discover and evaluate the applicant’s working attitudes.

+Self-Study MaterialOffice Politics and Stress@Work.